São Carlos - SP, Brazil
January 24-February 2, 2021


We are pleased to announce that from January 24-February 2, 2021 we will hold the "São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Quantum Fluids and Applications". Hosted by the São Carlos Institute of Physics of University of São Paulo at São Carlos, the School is one of the São Paulo Schools of Advanced Science supported by Fapesp (São Paulo Research Foundation) and it will cover relevant topics on quantum fluids, such as:

  • Bose-Einstein condensation

  • Degenerate Fermi gases

  • Out-of-equilibrium quantum fluids and turbulence

  • Adiabatic traps for cold atoms

  • Quantum magnetism

  • Macroscopic quantum phenomena

  • Quantum simulation

  • Universality

  • Supersolids

The School aims to give attendees an understanding of the subject area from fundamental to applied science. It is targeted at graduate students and early career researchers (post-doctorate).


The event will be attended by renowned speakers from around the world, making this a great opportunity for the exchange of scientific ideas and technological advances in the field. Attendees will have the opportunity to present their research results in poster sessions.


The official language of the School will be English and no simultaneous translation will be available.

Confirmed Speakers
(before rescheduling the event)

William D. Phillips
Randall G. Hulet

David E. Pritchard

Daniel Kleppner

Sandro Stringari

Gabriele Ferrari
Hélène Perrin

Giacomo Roati

Mark Raizen

Marlan Scully
Sergey Nazarenko

Giorgio Krstulovic
Amir Ordacgi Caldeira
Ubirajara van Kolck
Thereza Cristina de Lacerda Paiva
Tommaso Macrı̀
Arnaldo Gammal

Philippe Wilhelm Courteille

Emanuel Alves de Lima Henn

Sérgio Ricardo Muniz

Eric de Castro e Andrade

Patrícia Christina Marques Castilho

Mônica Andrioli Caracanhas

Gustavo Deczka Telles

Kilvia Mayre Farias

Lucas Madeira

Francisco Ednilson A. dos Santos

Raul Celistrino Teixeira

Romain Pierre Marcel Bachelard

Organizing Committee

Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato (IFSC-USP)
Marcelo Takeshi Yamashita, (IFT-UNESP)
Marcos Cesar de Oliveira (IFGW-UNICAMP)
Philippe Wilhelm Courteille (IFSC-USP)
Emanuel Alves de Lima Henn (IFSC-USP)
Mônica Andrioli Caracanhas (IFSC-USP)
Francisco Ednilson A. dos Santos (UFSCAR)
Lucas Madeira (IFSC-USP)

Supported by

Grant # 2019/15372-7